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10 Simple Ways to Keep a Diamond Sparkling

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10 Ways to Keep Diamond Sparkling

Diamonds are a significant investment, so it’s important to preserve the value of your diamond by keeping it in top shape. That includes maintaining its sparkle.

They’re Earth’s hardest natural substance, but that doesn’t mean diamonds aren’t prone to damage during daily activities. While it often takes a serious hit to chip your diamond, the ways it can slowly lose its sparkle over time are less obvious. 

If you don’t pay attention, you might notice one day it doesn’t have the luster it used to.

Let’s look at the 10 best ways to keep your diamond sparkling.

Don’t Touch the Stone When Removing Your Ring

Removing Ring by Shank

The diamonds you own are magnets for oil, dust, and dirt from your hands. Not only can it hurt its overall appearance, it can actually keep the diamond from looking as large because of its minimized shine.

One way to keep your diamond sparking is to be careful when you put it on and take it off. Grip the band surrounding the diamond instead of directly grabbing the stone. Doing so will protect your diamond from the grease and grime your fingers will leave on it otherwise. 

Nothing can dull a precious stone like the smear from fingers, transporting the dust and oils on it. Touching the diamond over and over will result in a cloudy film.

Gently Clean it With a Mild Dishwashing Detergent

Maintain a simple cleaning plan for your diamond. It’s best to soak it in a mild dishwashing detergent once a week to remove the grease and other debris it accumulates. Then take a clean, soft toothbrush to brush off the remaining dirt tenderly.

Remember to reserve a new toothbrush, with soft bristles, exclusively for your diamond. The bristles will clean those tiny corners in the jewelry piece with the stone where your fingers cannot reach. Remember to brush it gently so you prevent any scratching.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

While cleaning your diamond, it’s best to avoid the harsh chemicals found in many cleaning detergents. These include:

  • chlorine 
  • acetone 
  • bleach

These chemicals can damage your diamond in no time by causing the color and sparkle to fade.

Similarly, perfumes and sunscreen also contain harmful agents whose residue can stick to your stone and ruin it. Take a moment to remove your ring when applying them because you may not even notice it’s been covered in those chemicals while applying.

Take it Off When Cooking Messy Foods

Removing Diamond While Cooking

When you plan to cook a meal that could get messy, remember to slide your ring off before you begin.

Oils and food particles from the foods can stick in tiny openings and corners of the setting and even discolor your diamond. In most cases, food is difficult to remove from the stone’s setting and structure, so prevention is a better option than repair.

Additionally, food particles can harbor bacteria that do even more damage to your diamond.

Don’t Let it Get Covered in Lotions or Creams

Just as food particles can create layers of grease and residue on your stone, lotions and creams can too. You risk discoloring your diamond if you continually let it get covered in these products. 

They contain chemicals that likely will not remove your diamond’s sparkle after one instance but over time can cause it to lose shine.

Be Careful With Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic Cleaner

If you decide to use ultrasonic cleaners for your diamond jewelry, exercise caution. The low-frequency sound waves the cleaners send through their solution may clean the accumulated grime and dirt with the vibrating liquid but also disturb the stones.

The vibrations can shake the stones to the point they come off loose from their mounting or chip the diamond girdles sitting beside each other. We advise you to be extra cautious if your diamond has feathers or is included.

In fact, try to avoid ultrasonic cleaners altogether, especially if it’s had fracture filling as a form of clarity enhancement.

Learn How Your Particular Setting and Stone Should be Cleaned

Every diamond is unique, so when buying your piece of jewelry, discuss the setting, stones, and cleaning instructions with the jeweler. If your diamond has accents around the center stone or on the shank, you’ll need to know how to keep those sparkling as well, and the particular techniques may differ depending on their type.

A jeweler will also be able to determine any loose stones, fix them, and conduct a professional cleaning.

Minimize How Often you Remove Your Ring

It’s better not to develop the habit of removing your ring often when you have to wash your hands, especially while being away from home. You might think you’ll only be taking it off for a quick second, but it’s easy to get distracted. 

It’s only a matter of time before you leave it behind, which is an even worse situation than losing its sparkle.

Schedule Routine Maintenance with a Jeweler

To preserve the life and quality of your stone, you should schedule at least two maintenance appointments per year with your jeweler. This way, the professional can tighten any loose prongs, ensure the diamond is not loose, reset it in case it’s loose, and tend to hairline cracks.

Some jewelers offer free cleaning services, including on-site steam cleaning and magnified examination to look for loose prongs or stones and diamond fractures. Such a cleaning twice a year will maximize the life of your precious stone and help keep its sparkle for many years.

Get Insurance for Your Diamond

While the thought of slipping a diamond ring on to your love’s finger might make you oblivious to the more administrative tasks, remember to get insurance on your diamond.

Insurance will protect you financially if the diamond is lost, stolen, or damaged. Make sure you have a clear understanding of your specific policy before you purchase it. You don’t want to end up in the situation where you think you have coverage for a certain event, only to learn it isn’t included in your policy. 

That results in paying for a policy while not even getting the benefits.

You can earn tremendous peace of mind by choosing the right coverage policy for your valuable diamond.


There are several best practices to help preserve the sparkle and shine of your diamond ring. Most of all, it takes awareness of the types of situations that are most likely to cause damage, such as oil and dirt from your fingers, chemicals from cleaning agents, and particles of food.

By carefully removing your ring during instances in which it could lose its shine, and being proactive about cleaning it carefully, you can ensure your diamond sparkles for years to come.

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