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Hi, I’m Jacob Clarke, the founder of Teach Jewelry. I’ve helped thousands of readers find the right piece of jewelry for any occasion, ever since I started learning about jewelry 3+ years ago.

I first learned about jewelry when I consulted with Mervis Diamond Importers about a diamond ring. It was there I learned all about the four Cs, how to find the best value, and the differences between cuts.

Now, I’m an active participant in the jewelry community, sharing firsthand knowledge of the buying experience, how to find the best deals, and mistakes to avoid.

I even earned an Applied Jewelry Professional Diploma from the Gemological Institute of America. You can check out my profile in the GIA’s alumni community page and here’s my diploma from the GIA!

GIA Applied Jewelry Professional Diploma

My work has been cited by professional jewelers like Diamond Nexus and other leading publications like Psychology Today.

As I’m sure you want to know, I bought my wife’s engagement ring from James Allen. It’s an eye-clean, round cut diamond in a solitaire setting.

For her wedding ring, we chose a half eternity band from Brilliant Earth.

Check out this image of her engagement ring and wedding ring!

Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring

On this blog, you’ll find the answer to nearly any question you could have about diamond rings and other jewelry. From how to choose the right clarity grade to the pros and cons of each cut, I give you the details to know in order to shine with confidence before you buy.


  • Applied Jewelry Professional Diploma, GIA


  • Member of the International Gem Society



  • jacob.clarke@teachjewelry.com

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Jacob Clarke

Jacob Clarke from Teach Jewelry

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Greetings, my name is Jacob and I am the founder of Teach Jewelry. My aim is to guide you in making informed decisions when it comes to diamond and engagement ring selection. I provide comprehensive yet accessible advice and tips to ensure clarity, eliminating any concerns of overpaying for your diamond, engagement ring, or other jewelry. Whether your interest lies in selecting a top quality diamond, choosing its ring setting, or exploring other jewelry pieces, rest assured, you will attain the knowledge needed to select the right piece with confidence.

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