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Editorial Guidelines

At Teach Jewelry, our goal is to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information you need in order to have confidence in your decision to buy jewelry. 

Our team is committed to equipping you with the tools that leave you feeling you’ve found a great value.

Here are the details of our editorial guidelines.

Key Principles of our Editorial Guidelines


We spend hours producing each post on this site to ensure the information is accurate and fact-checked. The information is reviewed by those with extensive knowledge of the jewelry industry.

It’s also regularly updated to align with trends in the industry.

In many cases, we’ll include links to the source where we’ve learned the information, so you can explore the details yourself. These sources are some of the most trusted names in the industry, and we’re confident they’ll also help you expand your knowledge.

Our content also includes balanced information. Even for brands or vendors that consistently earn high remarks from our team and customers, we also include some of their downsides. 

This is a key part of editorial integrity in that we want our content to provide a holistic view of topics and brands.

If you believe there is an error on our site, please email us at tyler.devon@teachjewelry.com. We’ll respond promptly and correct any issues.

Serving Our Readers

Thousands of readers per month visit Teach Jewelry because of the significant investment required to find the right piece of jewelry.

Most buyers enter the process not knowing all the terminology of the jewelry industry.

This can result in overpaying for a diamond or buying a piece that won’t last. Our mission is to take the knowledge previously only held by industry insiders and instead provide it to the end customer. 

We believe that when our readers have knowledge and confidence in their decision that it creates a true win-win for the customer and vendor.

While we make money when you purchase through some of the links contained in the post, we view it as a success if you’ve found a piece of jewelry at the right value, whether it’s through our recommended vendors or elsewhere.


Not only is it our aim to provide accurate information about jewelry and the industry, it also needs to provide clarity. 

By creating specific, digestible content on many aspects of jewelry, our hope is you come away with actionable advice no matter the stage of your decision journey.

This goes against the grain of how many in the industry have operated. Instead of providing you unbiased advice, their goal has been to steer you in the direction that earns them a higher profit. 

This can result in a confusing experience that leaves you with more questions than answers.

A win for the Teach Jewelry team is when you leave our site with a newfound sense of confidence about which piece of jewelry is right for you.

How We Evaluate Jewelry Retailers

While most of our content provides general information about jewelry, such as the differences between clarity grades, the pros and cons of certain cuts, and how the designs of settings are distinct, we also review the quality of specific vendors.

We use a uniform process to evaluate their offerings, though the specifics of reviewing each vendor may differ depending on how they operate.

In most cases, we review: 

  • Their history
  • The extent of their selection
  • How their prices compare to competitors and to the quality of the jewelry
  • The buying experience, both online and in-person
  • Customer service availability
  • Financing options
  • Returns, shipping, and warranty policies, and how they compare to industry standards
  • Overall sentiment from customers online

The high number of vendors we review has given us a broad perspective on what customers should expect when visiting a jewelry store online or in-person.

Our affiliation with vendors has no impact on our evaluation of their products and services. 

As you’ll see, we often recommend buying jewelry from retailers where we don’t have a relationship. We showcase their pieces and link to their websites.

They sell quality products, and we’re happy to send our readers their way.