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The Complete Guide to Resetting a Ring

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Complete Guide to Resetting a Ring

You loved the look of your diamond ring from the moment you put it on your finger. But after wearing the same design for many years, it’s not uncommon to consider changing it up.

While purchasing a new ring is the expensive route, there’s another way to upgrade your look that often doesn’t require breaking the break: resetting a diamond ring.

Below are common reasons for resetting a ring, how much it costs, specific ways to reset it, and tips to ensure a smooth process.

Reasons to Reset Your Ring

Resetting a Ring Infographic

Resetting your ring is easier than you might think and can be done for a variety of reasons. It’s a fitting way to transform the look of a beloved piece of jewelry.

For example, a family heirloom may hold a special place in your heart because of the sentimental value but is unwearable due to sizing or an outdated look. Don’t just keep that ring in a jewelry box — let it dazzle on your finger where it belongs. Resetting the ring can give vintage jewelry a more modern twist while still keeping the original stones. 

Financial situations change and grant the opportunity to add on or update your ring as well. Maybe that engagement ring could use a larger stone or new set of gems. Or are you thinking about adding some sparkle to a ring for a wedding anniversary and now have the means to do so?

If your ring has been damaged or cracked, resetting is an option to consider rather than springing to buy a new stone or ring. Sometimes changing the setting to one that provides more protection can increase the life of your precious gemstone. 

For example, compared to prongs, a bezel setting more effectively protects your stone against hard impact.

Even a beloved diamond ring may become mundane after many years. Changing only the setting, such as adding a new type of pave, may be enough to get you excited about it again.

How Much Does it Cost?

It generally costs between $100 to $275 to have a ring reset. That price increases depending on the features you add to customize its appearance. This includes your choice of jeweler, the addition of extra stones, and the size of those stones.

The first step is an appraisal to learn how much your diamond ring is worth. Depending on its value, you might decide it’s not worth the price of resetting, and you should instead buy a new one. 

Remember most jewelers pay about 50 cents on the dollar when purchasing used diamonds, so consider this steep discount before you sell if you’ve been talked into a new ring.

Does it Affect Resale Value?

Although resale prices on diamond rings are less than its actual value, choosing to sell after a reset can drive that resale value down even more. 

Selling your ring might not be so bad if you want to use that money to pay for something else, but if you want to trade it in for something new, it’s a more financially sound option to customize and create your perfect ring.

If you reset the diamond ring into one that fits the type of style you want long term, you’ll never have to worry about resale value.

Ways to Reset a Ring

Whether you want to add new stones or only change the shank to your ring, there are options to fit any aesthetic or budget.

1. Upgrade to a Larger Center Stone

Upgrading to a larger stone is a common way to freshen up a ring. It adds a wow factor and boosts the value as well. It’s especially beneficial if your stone has incurred some damages during its lifetime such as cracks or chips.

This option is popular for engagement rings in particular. Many newly engaged couples can’t afford their ideal diamond size when first starting out, so upgrading the stone is a sweet testament to your continued love and improved financial status.

2. Add Diamond Accents

One of the easiest and most subtle ways to enhance your ring is by adding diamond accents.

Ring with Channel Set Diamonds

Switching your band to one with small diamonds on the sides is a great way to add an extra bit of sparkle without changing the entire look of your ring.

This also allows you to keep your original stone — a must when you are resetting a sentimental piece such as a family heirloom.

3. Add a Halo to the Center Stone

Adding a halo of diamonds around the center stone is a surefire way to add extra sparkle. They aren’t as expensive as a larger diamond but instead help it stand out.

Using other colors can also be a unique way to add an accent without completely changing the look of the ring. Something bold like sapphires will draw the eye, but a chocolate or black diamond halo may add more subtlety while still making a statement.

4. Put in More Diamonds

The addition of more diamonds to your ring is a great way to change its style, shape, and glamour. Adding smaller gems on either side of the original stone also gives it the appearance of being larger because at a glance, they blend together.

It works as an anniversary present for engagement rings that consist of one stone. Add more diamonds to celebrate the years you’ve been together.

5. Get a New Setting

Changing or upgrading the setting for your diamond is an easy way to achieve a new look without the expense of adding on new stones. This can also add extra protection for your ring and diamond. 

8 prong engagement ring setting

For example, rings with traditional cathedral settings are at risk of damage over the years. That’s because the higher setting can cause it to get banged up or snag on clothing more easily. Additionally, the many open crevices in a cathedral setting collect dirt and debris.

Changing to a bezel setting can add extra safety for your diamond, as it protects all sides. It’s also a smart option if the stone has already incurred damages, so you don’t have to make the financial commitment of a new diamond.

6. Add Colored Stones to the Setting

With added sparkle being one of the main considerations when resetting a ring, why stop with a new band or bigger diamond? Nothing is guaranteed to catch the eye more than a beautiful ring with colorful stones to complement the center diamond.

Diamonds are classic, but colored gems shouldn’t be ignored. Whether bright green emeralds, blue sapphire, or red rubies, they’ll give your ring an extra pop and stand out from the traditional diamond ring. You can also often get them at a lower price than diamonds of the same size.

7. Include Milgrain on the Band

Not all ring resets have to involve new diamonds.

Diamond Ring with Milgrain

Milgrain on a ring is a design technique that places small beads of metal along the band. It’s relatively inexpensive and adds detail to a shank that otherwise may not have any standout features.

Whether you have a knife edge ring or one with a thicker band, milgrain gives it extra sparkle in a way that doesn’t directly compete with the center diamond.

Tips for Having a Ring Reset

If you’ve decided resetting your ring is the right move for you, we’ll impart a few more helpful tips as you begin your search for the right jeweler.

Get Quotes from Multiple Jewelers

Shop around before deciding which jeweler will reset your ring, so you can get multiple quotes.

Because there are so many customization options, the range of prices also vary depending on the jeweler. Taking your ring and design ideas to multiple jewelers is how you ensure the best price and find the right jeweler to perform your reset.

Make Sure the Jeweler Offers Insurance While Under Their Care

Insurance is essential when getting a ring reset. If your ring or its diamonds are damaged during the reset, you need to ensure you aren’t liable to pay for restoration. Ask the jeweler if they offer insurance while the ring is under their care. 

If they don’t, you incur risk while the diamond ring isn’t in your possession, and you may end up paying for damages that aren’t your fault.

It’s also a good time to check your own jewelry insurance policy to learn how resetting your ring impacts the policy.

Ask if You Can Watch it be Reset

You might feel uncomfortable asking the jeweler if you can watch your ring be reset, but there’s nothing rude or uncommon about this request. Most reputable jewelers have no problem allowing you to be a part of the process.

It’s a way to ensure the reset is done how you want it, and the jeweler doesn’t swap your expensive diamonds for imitations of lesser value. It’s a concern many have in giving their diamonds to any jeweler. You should find a jeweler you trust but also protect both parties.


Resetting a ring is a popular choice because there are many reasons it’s warranted — you have the financial means for a larger diamond, are celebrating a special occasion in your relationship, or just want to sport a new style.

There are endless options for a reset, including a different style setting, adding accents or pave, or replacing the diamond with other gems. Decide on your preferred look, and shop around for which jeweler can give you the best quality reset at the right price.

Soon enough, you’ll have a ring that looks brand new while still keeping the parts you liked best about the original.

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