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Lumera vs Blue Nile: How They Compare

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Lumera vs. Blue Nile

Lumera and Blue Nile are online diamond retailers that promote a wide selection of inventory.

If you’re shopping for a diamond ring, you should know how these retailers compare to each other across the areas most important to your experience, such as their prices, the buying experience, customer service, and return policies.

In this head-to-head comparison, we recommend Blue Nile because of their exceptional buying experience and quality prices.

But let’s compare Lumera versus Blue Nile so you know which vendor is right for you.

What to Know About Lumera

Lumera Diamonds

Lumera was founded in 2007 to sell diamonds, engagement rings, and other types of jewelry. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, the brand operates an online store without brick and mortar locations.

The brand is focused on providing customers up-front information about their diamonds, process, and prices because the founder understood much of the industry is based around a customer’s lack of experience.

This philosophy is also displayed in Lumera’s extensive educational content on their website, where you can learn about topics such as:

  • Diamond shapes
  • The anatomy of a diamond
  • How they’re certified
  • Choosing a diamond step by step

Lumera promotes how their diamonds are conflict-free, abiding by the Kimberley Process.

What to Know About Blue Nile

Blue Nile Retail Store

Blue Nile pioneered the online model for selling diamonds when it was founded in 1999. 

It’s located in Seattle, Washington, and in the past few years has expanded its presence with physical locations.

They sell many types of jewelry, from bracelets and necklaces to engagement and wedding rings.

Their success led to more competitors such as James Allen flooding the online market, and vendors that were traditionally brick and mortar such as Tiffany’s and Zales started competing directly with Blue Nile.

Like Lumera, Blue Niles sells conflict-free diamonds that follow the Kimberley Process.

How do Lumera and Blue Nile Compare?

Buying a diamond ring isn’t just about the final product. It’s often an expensive purchase, so you need to know what to expect before you decide which vendor is the right choice for you.

Comparing Lumera versus Blue Nile involves assessing the buying experience from start to finish. 

Selection of Diamonds and Rings

One of the issues with the in-store model of selling diamonds is inventory is limited because of a lack of space. This problem disappears with the online model.

Lumera has close to 30,000 diamonds in its inventory across all cuts, carat weights, and color and clarity grades. 

Lumera Diamond Inventory

From 0.3-carat round cuts to six-carat princess cuts, there’s almost a guarantee Lumera will have your choice of diamond listed.

They also have a variety of settings such as:

  • Solitaire
  • Halo
  • Three-stone
  • Modern

Many have the option to be engraved with a few words on the band.

Lumera also sells more than 700 styles of wedding rings. You can choose to have a band with or without small diamonds wrapped around. 

Wedding Ring From Lumera

Whether you opt for titanium, white or yellow gold, or platinum, you can pair your engagement ring with a wedding ring from Lumera.

Though their inventory exceeds that of brick and mortar stores, it pales compared to Blue Nile. The company lists between 350,000-500,000 diamonds on its website across all cuts.

The smallest diamonds start at 0.23 carats, and they even have a 23-carat diamond.

Blue Niles sells many of the same types of settings as Lumera in platinum or yellow or rose gold.

They also have a wide selection of other types of jewelry, so you aren’t limited to diamonds and engagement rings.

If you’re looking for the vendor with the most variety, you should choose Blue Nile over Lumera.


Blue Nile and Lumera offer lower prices on their diamonds compared to the established jewelry retailers such as Tiffany’sZales, Kay, and JaredOne of the main reasons is that the two companies work directly with wholesalers and manufacturers.

The diamond listings on Blue Nile’s website are from those sources. This minimizes the markup, and the savings are passed onto the buyer.

Lumera follows a similar model. The diamonds on their site are shown to customers on behalf of the manufacturers. 

This contrasts with the traditional pricing structure where manufacturers sell diamonds to jewelry stores, who then sell them to customers at a high markup. 

Blue Nile and Lumera have comparable prices for diamonds and engagement rings. As an example, we assessed the price range and averages for diamonds from each company with the following grades:

  • Carat weight: 1.00
  • Clarity: VS1
  • Cut: Very Good
  • Color: F

At Lumera, they listed five diamonds with those qualities for an average of $8,201 and a range of $7,691-$8,540.

At Blue Nile, the average price is $7,269 with a range of $5,768-$8,210.

One-carat diamond from Blue Nile

Prices for settings at Blue Nile and Lumera are also similar. For example, Lumera sells this solitaire setting in 14K rose gold for $831.

At Blue Nile, this solitaire setting in 14K rose gold sells for $790.

We recommend you not make your final decision on Lumera versus Blue Nile based on price.

The cost is close enough that you should prioritize the other aspects of buying a diamond.

Buying Experience

Buying an engagement ring or diamond used to involve visiting a retail store and allowing a salesperson to walk you through the process. Most buyers were unsure of the differences between cut, clarity, and color and felt unprepared.

Now, buyers conduct their research online and can complete the process without ever walking into a store. That’s because of online retailers like Blue Nile and Lumera.

Both companies have perfected the buying experience and have many similarities with other online diamond stores.

It starts with diamond education. The two retailers have informational content on their sites that educate buyers about diamonds. 

You can learn the differences between cuts, the anatomy of a diamond, how to find someone’s ring size, and more.

When it comes to buying a ring on their website, there are two components: the diamond and the setting. 

Blue Nile and Lumera allow you to start with a setting or diamond and create your preferred combination.

In the top navigation of both sites, select “Engagement Rings” and where you want to start.

Lumera Design Your Own Ring

This allows you to test various combinations, such as:

  • Round cut diamonds with a solitaire setting
  • Princess cuts with a halo
  • Asscher cuts with different types of shanks

Once you’ve purchased the ring, you can select to have it shipped in discreet packaging so your significant other won’t know what’s inside. 

But inside, the rings are placed in a box ready for presentation.

Both offer free shipping, but Blue Nile has two-day delivery available for some purchases.

If you’re looking for a personalized buying experience, where a jewelry expert showcases several diamonds and rings for you to view in person, we recommend visiting one of Blue Nile’s physical locations instead of buying from Lumera.

But if you’re content with the online process, both companies specialize in that model.

Payment Options

When comparing the payment options for Blue Nile versus Lumera, you’ll notice a few differences.

Blue Nile offers financing through its credit card

Blue Nile Credit Card

One option doesn’t require interest if the balance is paid in full within the borrowing period.

Additional financing options include other credit cards, online payment partners like PayPal, or you can wire funds through an electronic transfer. They offer a 1.5 percent discount on orders over $750 if you pay by bank wire.

Lumera accepts all major credit card brands, in addition to PayPal and bank wires. If you choose the bank wire option, you’ll receive a 2.5 percent discount on your purchase. 

They don’t have a branded credit card like Blue Nile.

Customer Service

You can complete your order online and have your diamond shipped to your door without ever interacting with a representative from Blue Nile or Lumera. 

But many buyers want the personalized service offered by many in the jewelry industry.

Both companies have customer service representatives and diamond experts available to address any problems you experience or consult you on the purchase.

You can contact them through a chat feature on their website, by email, or phone.

Lumera offers customer service guarantees such as:

  • The diamond will arrive exactly as described
  • You can receive full price for a trade-in
  • Referral programs

Lumera Customer Service

They also promote how less than five percent of their purchases are returned, which demonstrates their ability to help customers find the right diamond the first time.

Blue Nile’s customer service involves many of the same ideas. 

They’ll often match or beat a competitor’s price for a similar diamond, can engrave engagement and wedding rings, and offer a referral program.

Both companies are known to sell quality diamonds and jewelry, but if you do experience an issue, there are customer service representatives available to walk through your issue.

Warranties and Return Policies

Warranties and return policies give you peace of mind about your diamond purchase.

Blue Nile offers a lifetime warranty that its products will be free from manufacturing defects. If you believe there’s a defect, you can return it for an inspection. 

If Blue Nile validates the issues, they’ll either repair or replace the item.

If they decide it doesn’t qualify under their warranty, they’ll provide an estimate on repairs.

The policy doesn’t cover slight irregularities or internal inclusions. The company says these qualities are part of the natural characteristics, so it’s not a defect.

That means it’s important to understand the grading report and what the evaluation indicates you should expect in terms of color and clarity.

Blue Nile allows returns for full refunds within 30 days. They’ll send a free shipping label. Make sure the item is in the original purchase condition.

They don’t give full refunds on engraved items, but you’ll receive a credit for the jewelry minus the engraving fees.

Blue Nile Engraved Ring

Lumera also offers warranties. Like any warranty, you should read their specific policy to know what it does and doesn’t cover, as well as clarify specific situations with a representative.

For example, most jewelry warranties don’t replace insurance or account for loss or theft. It’s primarily about manufacturing defects that have resulted in an inferior product compared to what was expected.

Lumera’s return policies are similar to Blue Nile’s. You can return your piece within 30 days to receive a full refund, as long as it’s in the original condition.


You should learn what actual customers have experienced in working with the brand instead of only relying on what the company says about themselves.

The overall sentiment from customers toward Blue Nile is positive. This is demonstrated across a number of online review sites.

For example, they hold 4.8 out of five stars on The Knot, a site that helps couples plan weddings.

Wedding Wire gives Blue Nile 4.7 out of five stars based on 1,166 reviews. Customers note their quality of service, value for the price, and average response time.

Blue Nile Reviews from Wedding Wire

One reviewer recommends visiting the showroom for a free cleaning if there’s a location nearby.

Not all reviews for Blue Nile praise the company. For example, some reviewers complain about incorrect sizing or how they found a better deal elsewhere.

Lumera isn’t as well known as Blue Nile, so there are fewer online reviews for the brand. 

They have nearly five stars from iVouch, where reviewers make comments like:

  • Helpful jewelry consultants
  • Quality diamonds that match the description
  • Fast delivery
  • Low prices

Blue Nile and Lumera publish customer reviews on their website, but you should be wary of taking them into consideration. 

It’s likely they’d only post positive ones, so it doesn’t give a complete picture of the customer experience.

Should You Buy a Diamond From Lumera or Blue Nile?

Lumera and Blue Nile are known to sell quality diamonds at prices significantly lower than traditional brick and mortar jewelry retailers.

The reason we recommend Blue Nile is because of their trusted brand, huge selection of diamonds and settings, low prices, and overall customer experience.

They’ve been a frontrunner in selling diamonds online since their founding and earn our full recommendation.

From learning what you need to know about buying a diamond from their educational content to finding the right combination of setting and diamond for your ring, Blue Nile offers a complete experience.

Take the time to explore Lumera and other retailers to learn more about what they offer, but you can’t go wrong with a diamond ring from Blue Nile.

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