Adiamor Jewelry Review (2023)

Adiamor Review

Adiamor is an online retailer that offers diamonds, engagement rings, wedding bands, and other fine jewelry. 

If you’re considering jewelry from Adiamor, you should know what to expect in the areas most important to your purchase.

My conclusion is the company offers an extensive selection of high-quality pieces at a low price, and you can be confident in choosing them as your vendor.

In this Adiamor review, we’ll discuss the details of their selection, its quality, prices, customer service, and more.

Company Overview

Adiamor has been handcrafting jewelry for more than five decades. Its founder, Avo Sarkisian, founded Avo’s and Company, which evolved into Adiamor’s online store in 1998.

Adiamor Jewelry Store

Sarkisian specialized in pave designs, where small diamonds are placed on the shank of the ring to add more sparkle.

The company became one of the pioneers of selling diamonds online, competing against Blue Nile in its initial years before other competitors like James Allen entered the market.

Adiamor is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, where it’s jewelry is made in-house.

It also has physical locations in that area you can visit to view jewelry in person or for a consultation.

It abides by the Kimberley Process, which means its diamonds are conflict-free and not used to finance civil wars against legitimate governments. 

Engagement Rings

Adiamor has close to 150,000 natural diamonds in its inventory. The online model allows it to offer far more diamonds than it could through only a brick-and-mortar store.

Its selection spans 10 cuts, including:

  • Round
  • Princess
  • Emerald
  • Marquise
  • Oval

Within each cut, there are a variety of options within the four Cs of carat, color, cut, and clarity.

For example, if you’re searching for an Asscher cut diamond, you can choose every clarity grade such as VVS2, VVS1 or SI2.

Asscher Cut Diamonds from Adiamor

Or if you’re interested in an emerald cut, there are options ranging from 0.31 carats to more than 10 carats.

Adiamor sells about 58,000 lab-grown diamonds in the same cuts. 

Lab-grown diamonds have the same structure and appearance as natural ones, so it’s an effective way to reduce the price without sacrificing how it looks.

By pairing a quality diamond with a stunning setting, you can build the perfect engagement ring.

At Adiamor, there are more than 900 choices of settings across all major styles, from solitaire and pave to modern three-stone designs.

My favorite line of Adiamor settings is their single and double halos. They’re designed to fit almost every cut, so you aren’t limited to a circular halo around a round cut diamond.

This French cut halo setting fits around rectangular diamonds such as emerald, cushion, or radiant cuts.

French Cut Halo Setting from Adiamor

This double halo engagement ring setting features two rings of diamond accents, which adds 0.45 carats to the piece.

You also have a number of choices for the type of metal used to create the setting, such as 14K or 18K white, yellow, or rose gold or platinum.

Other Jewelry

Your choices at Adiamor aren’t limited to engagement rings.

Its selection of earrings include pearls and gemstones. 

Gemstone Earrings from Adiamor

There are ones designed by their in-house team, or you can create your own. In total, there are more than 200 pre-set earrings. 

Some feature single diamonds in each piece, while others have several small accents that make up the earring.

There are options with four and six prongs, and even a halo design with a single gem in the center surrounded by smaller ones.

Adiamor’s pendants are similar in that there are pre-set designs or the option to build your own. In most of the pendants, you’ll find a smaller diamond than you would in an engagement ring, so they generally cost less than $1,000.

Its signature design is the French cut halo. Many designs include a heart-shaped or round cut diamond in the center.

French Cut Halo Pendant from Adiamor

You can view its collection of pendants here.

Adiamor also sells diamond, pearl, metal and fashion bracelets. Our favorite design is the simplistic tennis bracelet

It’s available in white, rose, and yellow gold and includes one-carat of diamonds split across 79 round cut gems.

They also sell a wide selection of wedding rings.


Although Adiamor sells exceptional diamond jewelry, don’t decide on a diamond’s quality based on the vendor who sells it. 

Instead, base it on an assessment by an objective third-party who uses rigorous standards to determine its carat weight, cut, color, and clarity.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is one of the preeminent institutions for grading diamonds. Many Adiamor diamonds are each graded by the organization.

When browsing diamonds on its website, you can filter by the lab that graded it.

Diamond Grading Filter

This gives you confidence in what to expect with your diamond. If it’s a one-carat round cut with a VVS1 clarity and G color grade from the GIA, you’ll know it’s eye-clean and will likely appear colorless.

So its quality is based on the report, not any particular online diamond store that sells it.

Adiamor’s other jewelry also includes high quality lines. This is especially true of their platinum wedding rings. Platinum is one of the most durable metals for wedding bands.

There are variations such as knife edge rings that are thin and comfortable, while others have a wider width.

Another area where the company shines is its Bold Gold collection. 

Adiamor Bold Gold Collection

It includes earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets in the same types of gold as its settings.

These handcrafted products have subtle touches within the design that don’t distract from the overall piece but instead give it a sense of elegance.


An Adiamor review isn’t complete without examining prices. 

Adiamor’s prices for diamonds and engagement rings are comparable to their online competitors, and it beats jewelry stores known for their in-store experiences.

The most effective way to understand Adiamor’s prices is to compare similar pieces from other vendors. 

For example, let’s examine diamonds with the following qualities from James Allen, Adiamor, and Blue Nile:

  • Carat weight: 0.90
  • Clarity: VVS2
  • Cut: Very good
  • Color: G

At Adiamor, the average price is $6,114, with a range of $5,038-$6,995.

Adiamor Diamond Prices

At James Allen, the average cost is $5,885. The range is $4,965-$8,693.

Blue Nile’s sell for an average of $5,863, with a high of $6,880 and a low of $4,991.

Blue Nile Diamond Prices

So Adiamor’s diamonds with those qualities cost an average of 4 percent more than James Allen’s and Blue Nile’s gems.

For settings, you’ll see comparable prices at Adiamor and other online jewelry vendors.

Classic solitaire settings in 14K white gold begin at $190 and go as high as $925.

At James Allen, prices for those settings start at $240 and stretch to $1,400.

Prices for fine jewelry are more difficult to compare because the quality isn’t objectively graded by a third party.

But you can expect some instances where Adiamor is more expensive than a competitor, and others where it’s priced lower.

For example, Blue Nile sells this tennis bracelet with a total carat weight of three for $4,600. 

Tennis Bracelet

Adiamor’s similar tennis bracelet costs $3,600.

Adiamor’s prices are similar enough to competitors that we don’t recommend basing your decision on earning a slight discount at one retailer versus another.

Online Experience

You shouldn’t only consider the final product when shopping for jewelry. Instead, find a jeweler that provides a quality online shopping experience from start to finish.

Adiamor passes this test for three reasons:

  • High-quality images of many of its diamonds
  • Creating your own engagement ring
  • Suggesting matching engagement and wedding rings

One hesitancy that causes buyers to opt against buying a diamond online is not seeing it with their own eyes. 

Adiamor solves this problem by providing high-resolutions pictures of most of its diamonds. You can rotate the diamond to see how it appears at multiple angles.

This allows you to check for any visible inclusions.

The best aspect of Adiamor’s online buying experience is the ability to create your own engagement ring by pairing a diamond with almost any setting.

Once you’ve built your ring, it’ll show you the final product before you buy it.

I chose a 0.90-carat round cut diamond with a 14K yellow gold setting. The image isn’t as detailed as what you’ll find on James Allen, but it allows you to visualize the ring.

Adiamor Engagement Ring

The process is simple, and you can create multiple rings in a short amount of time. It’s a perfect feature for those at the start of the purchasing process who may be unsure of the types of cuts and settings available.

Once you’ve chosen an engagement ring, scroll to the bottom of the page. You’ll see a section of matching bands that are often made of the same metal.

Adiamor Matching Wedding Bands

These features combine for an exceptional online shopping experience that’s intuitive and easy to navigate each step of the way.

Jewelry Packaging

The packaging for a piece of jewelry is an important part of the experience, especially if it’s a gift.

You don’t want to feel compelled to swap the box if you’re proposing.

Fortunately, Adiamor’s jewelry has exceptional packaging with its simplistic and elegant design. It’s a Rosewood luxurious box with a cream-colored leather interior. 

The company’s logo is on top of the exterior box and on the inside of the lid.

Adiamor Packaging

It has a cushioned interior, so it’s perfect for storing the ring as well.

The quality is similar to other jewelry stores. For example, the boxes from Blue Nile and Zales have a similar aesthetic, but Adiamor’s boxes have the appearance of darker wood.

This contrasts with the lighter color of Brilliant Earth’s wooden boxes.

Contact the Adiamor team to request a brown ribbon that matches the packaging.

Customer Service

The customer service team at Adiamor is available to answer any questions you have, whether it’s walking you through your choice of diamond, the logistics of your order, or financing options.

Once you place an order, you’ll receive a confirmation email that your order has been placed.

Its sales representatives will review the order to ensure the accuracy. If there appear to be any issues, the Adiamor team will reach out.

You can contact the customer service team through phone, email, or the chat feature on its website. 

Adiamor Customer Service

They’re available Monday – Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. PST and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. PST.

Many of its online competitors have 24/7 customer service.

Adiamor customers have noted their strong service. One reviewer on WeddingWire described the team as in “constant contact” and “extremely responsive”, which she found helpful when making such a significant purchase.

Reviewers on its Better Business Bureau profile demonstrate the same sentiment, describing it as the best customer service they’ve experienced.

I’ve connected with the Adiamor customer service team and have been impressed with their responsiveness and helpfulness each time. 

No jewelry vendor has perfect reviews or customer service, but I’m confident the team goes to great lengths to resolve any issues that arise.

Warranty, Shipping, and Return Policies

Your Adiamor jewelry comes with a free lifetime warranty.

The retailer closely examines each piece before shipping, but there are occasions in which a diamond or ring may have defects that resulted from the manufacturing process.

If this is the case, Adiamor will repair or replace the item at no cost to you.

There are many exclusions to the warranty.

For example, the policy states issues from regular wear and tear, such as the band bending, missing or broken diamonds, or broken prongs aren’t covered. 

This is why the company emphasizes regular inspections and preventative maintenance to solve problems before the diamond falls out or the setting can’t be repaired.

You can learn about Adiamor’s warranty here.

It offers free FedEx Priority Overnight shipping on domestic orders over $250. If it’s under $250, there’s a $10 shipping fee for FedEx 2Day.

The jewelry will arrive in discreet packaging, so you don’t worry about ruining the surprise.

You can receive a full refund on your order within 30 days if you aren’t satisfied. The items must be in their original condition and unworn.

Some of its competitors pay for return shipping, but Adiamor doesn’t offer this benefit.

Vendors like Zales and Kay allow you to exchange a piece of jewelry within 60 days for a more expensive item, but with Adiamor, a refund is the only option.


There are some drawbacks about Adiamor compared to competitors you should know if you’re considering its jewelry.

You can’t rotate images of diamonds in the same way you can on James Allen’s and Blue Nile’s websites. The image only rotates on one axis. 

Adiamor Diamond Image

You can still view every aspect of the diamond, but it’s more limited than the 360-degree rotation you can apply on other sites.

Another downside is its limited educational content. Most buyers begin the process of searching for a diamond without understanding the differences between clarity grades or styles of settings.

Adiamor provides the basics on learning about diamonds, but the extent of its content pales compared to some other jewelry stores.

Amid all the positive experiences from customers, there are some common threads in customer complaints.

These include:

  • Diamonds falling out of the setting
  • A lack of a trade-in policy where you purchase a more expensive piece
  • Difficulty knowing which diamonds are available

While these are aspects to consider, the vast majority of online sentiment toward Adiamor is positive.

My Bottom Line Recommendation on Adiamor

Adiamor consistently provides quality jewelry at a low price.

Not only is the final product exceptional, you’ll be pleased with the other aspects of your purchase as well, like the online shopping experience, range of selection, and warranty.

Explore a variety of jewelry from Adiamor and other online vendors. Pair a number of diamonds with unique settings, or view how different types of metal enhance fine jewelry.

It’s the best way to land on the perfect piece for you.

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